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This was pretty good! Only thing I'd point out is that I wish you could save, but otherwise I really liked it.

Hey there! I really appreciate you playing my game and your feedback! Removing the save option was a conscious decision since it's so short and I was trying to remove anything unneeded, as well as a bit of personal preference, BUT it could be the wrong decision absolutely! I'm going to think on it and ask around and I'll let you know if I decide to update it!

Leaning towards yes right now, but yeah I'll let you know!

Got feedback from a few more folks and while none of them felt saving was necessary they didn't think it would take away so I've added it in. I ALSO fixed a major bug I missed in the finale thing with "T.G.E.O." (there was a thing that was supposed to wait for low hp that seemed to fire off every round, dunno how I missed that!!!)

Awesome! I wanted to be able to save because there were a few times I wanted to intentionally kill myself to see if there was any special game over dialogue (since i found out by jumping in the hole that there was) but didn't want to lose my progress. I think it's a good addition personally!

Yeah fair enough! There are about 4 ways to die if one enjoyed finding those. There's one that's my favourite that's a bit hard to find haha (you have to progress without a certain item)